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How We Make it Happen

We engineer it

TMI is truly a one stop shop. We help every step of the way and the first step is defining your web domain address. Together we will select your domain address, register it and renew it annually - TMI takes care of everything.

Your web site is your face on the internet; it is your introduction to the world. That is why TMI dedicates itself to creating a site that speaks volumes in an instant, plays well with major search engines, and broadcasts your brand on the web. Our team translates your message into the visual language of color, typography and imagery essential to building sites that promote, enhance, captivate and engage.


We welcome the redesign of existing websites - large and small. With the ever increasing growth in new web design technologies, chances are if your site was designed over two years ago, it needs a redesign. What better way to re-create interest in your website then giving it a facelift.

Website maintenance

If your current method for updating your website is not working as quickly, as easy, or as inexpensively as you would like it to, then let us handle it. We turn around web site updates large and small in a very short amount of time.


Our goal is to provide you with everything you will need to be successful online. We will work with you within your budget, to create innovative design and site functionality.

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